is live! Units will ship within the next 30 days for any orders.

so3sm.pngThe So is here!

Come back often to find out what this really means? Click on the "About" link above to see a short video with more details! Also check the Blog for updates.

What the heck is a "So" anyway....?


so-3-logo-sm2.jpg The So

  Powerful Small Computing Device    

    Completely Silent - Fanless
    Low Energy - 12 Volts (16 watts average)
    Hundreds of uses - Free Software 
    6 inches x 4 inches x 1.3 inches
    Wireless and wired network ready

The So is capable of hundreds of uses and yousodesktop-sm2.jpg can place it almost anywhere!

Pre-configure your So when you order and it comes with the software you want already tested and ready to go. 

Desktop Computer

Media Center

Web Kiosk

Audio Jukebox

Video Security

Web Server

Free Software Portal with every Soso-software-sm.jpg

Download, install, and reconfigure your So with a simple click of the mouse.

Add exciting features and functions without any cost or effort.

Constant updates and software that has been tested and configured to work with your So

Never pay a dime for the software applications!

What is it?

Very small solid state fanless computing device
Consumes very little power
Runs completely free software
Can download and install new software and reconfigure with a simple mouse click 


Where is it?

In a secret location getting ready for launch!


How do I get it?

We are accepting pre-orders now.
Units will ship within 30 days

Pre-orders will be at a 15% discount and free shipping in US.

Click on the get a So! link to be one of the first!


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